Sparkasse virtual credit card: All information on how to use it

The topic of virtual credit cards comes up again and again among Sparkasse customers.

But does Sparkasse offer a virtual credit card?

You can find all the information about it in this blog article!

What is the virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card is a digital version of a traditional credit card designed for secure online payments and transactions.

It consists of a unique credit card number, an expiration date and a security code, similar to physical cards. However, it only exists in digital form and is not physically tangible.

Virtual credit cards are issued by banks or financial institutions and can be used for online purchases, subscription services, bookings and payments. They provide an additional layer of security as they can often be used for one-time or limited transactions.

The virtual credit cards can be loaded for specific amounts and are usually protected by special security mechanisms. Their use allows users to protect their actual credit card number during online transactions and at the same time shop conveniently and securely.

What do you need a virtual credit card for?

For example, you need a credit card for the following services:

Online shopping

The virtual credit card is great for secure online shopping. It allows you to make purchases on websites without revealing your physical credit card number, minimizing the risk of fraud or unauthorized use.

Subscription services

When you sign up for subscription services such as streaming platforms, digital magazines or online courses, you can use a virtual credit card to process payments. If you want to cancel the subscription later, the virtual credit card often has a limited expiration date, making it easier to manage subscriptions.


For online stores that seem unsafe or are less well-known, a virtual credit card can provide an additional layer of security. You can use a limited credit card number to ensure that no unauthorized transactions are made using your actual credit card.


When you make online bookings for flights, hotels or car rentals, the virtual credit card can be helpful to protect your card information while ensuring smooth bookings.


If you want to give someone money or a specific amount as a gift, you can use a virtual credit card to transfer the amount in a secure and convenient way.

Budget control

You can load a virtual credit card with a certain amount and then use it for specific expenses. This can help you keep your budget under better control.

It is important to note that the use of a virtual credit card depends on the respective offers of the banks.

Some virtual credit cards may have restrictions, such as a limited validity period or usage options. Before using a virtual credit card, you should carefully review the terms and features.

Does Sparkasse have a virtual credit card?

Here is the direct answer:

Instead, you can apply for physical cards such as the Mastercard Gold, Mastercard Silver, Mastercard Basic and Mastercard Platinum. Alternatively, there are also Visa credit cards. The Sparkassen Card is a debit card and is also available.

However, you have to get a virtual credit card from somewhere else.

Virtual credit card from bunq

In just a few minutes you can create, verify and set up your account with bunq . This enables easy mobile banking. There are different plans to choose from, where you can decide whether you want to switch to savings mode or use additional exciting features to manage your money.

But: bunq is more than just a credit card that you can use virtually. You can also choose an individual focus for your bank account at the same time:

  • Easy Bank Pro XL: Plant one tree for every €100 you pay with your credit card
  • Easy Bank Pro: Borderless banking, automatic budgets and savings with multiple EU IBANs and over 15 different currencies of your choice.
  • Easy Bank: Open your bank account in just 5 minutes and save time & money with free real-time transfers.
  • Easy Savings: Up to 2.55% interest – with no fees.


  • Management with your smartphone
  • Real-time notifications
  • MasterCard Credit Card
  • especially suitable for travellers
  • create various sub-accounts with different IBANs
  • German IBAN available

Where else can you get a virtual credit card!

You can get a virtual credit card from various banks or financial institutions. Many banks offer this option as part of their credit card offerings.

You usually need to have an existing account with the respective bank or open one to get a virtual credit card. You can often apply for the virtual credit card through your bank’s online banking portal.

You don’t know which provider is right for you? In the blog article How to find the best virtual credit card – comparing popular providers you will not only find more information about virtual credit cards, but also a list of the best providers on the market!

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